Monday, April 5, 2010

ISO exercise

Today the students and I went outside to shoot four pictures of the same thing, but for each shot we adjusted our ISO settings. The point was to show the students the trade-offs between between sensitivity levels, so we shot at ISO 100,400,800, and 1600. Most kids have never bought a ton of film, especially different speed films, they only use 400 in my photo one class. I then had them zoom way in and see the "Noise", or the digital equivalent to film "grain". The higher the ISO the faster the sensor responds to light, but the file accumulates more noise. The hope is that they will then learn to pick the appropriate ISO's as they shoot stills to action shots, and bright light to low light. I shot the flower at ISO 50 since it was so sunny out and I wanted low pixel noise. I shot the moss at 1600 to illustrate the noise especially in the rock portion to the right.

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